Mrembo is the Swahili word for a beautiful, sophisticated woman who likes to pamper herself. At our Mrembo Traditional Spa in the heart of Stone Town, we do exactly that: pamper you in true Zanzibar style. Choose your favourite from our enticing range of massages, scrubs, facials, mani/pedi and henna adornments. Our treatments combine time-honoured recipes from the Zanzibar Archipelago with solid professional practice.

All ingredients are fresh, locally sourced and 100 % natural. Our shop features locally made handicrafts, fashion items, music from Zanzibar and our own beauty products, made right here at the spa. In our workshops, you can learn about the use of flowers, herbs and spices to enhance your beauty and well-being.

And our complimentary spice tea is famous all over town. Let yourself be enveloped by lovely scents, sounds and textures, meet interesting people and learn something new...

Karibu Mrembo Spa!

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Working Hours 08:00am to 20:00pm